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What to wear on a cruise

If you are finally setting off on your dream cruise holiday, deciding on what to pack from the wardrobe can be quite a daunting task. The first thing to consider is that nearly all cruise ships assign a dress code for every evening of a cruise; some nights it will be casual, others smart-casual and formal for the remainder. Bearing this in mind is crucial when packing, after all you do not want to be desperately rummaging around for something suitable to wear or having to pay the going rate to hire a formal dinner suit for the night. Similarly, if you might be inclined to have a go at something active whilst ashore, remembering to pack some suitable casual clothing is also a must.

Returning to the theme of formal dinners; these are relatively frequent occurrences on cruise ships, certainly when compared to the usual weekly dining habits, so if your best tuxedo has not seen the light of day for a few years then what better occasion could there be to bring it out for and let  it show you off. However, if you have not got a tuxedo and do not particularly want to pay out for hiring one, don't fret as they are not essential. Indeed, these days a smart business suit is often more likely to be found seated at the dinner table of a cruise liner than a tuxedo, so any smart suit will do the job just fine.

For the daytime there is no dress code; after all this is a holiday and with various onboard and on-deck activities, some of which may involve a swimming pool, waiting on every modern cruise ship, a practical range of attire is required. For everyday wear, knee-length shorts and a polo shirt, or a nice t-shirt, will do just fine. If you are going to be active then anything 'athletic' is obviously a good idea. A sensible and conservative approach to covering all your options as regards possible clothes choice will keep you on the right track, and yes that includes jumpers and waterproofs; Barbados is not always sunny so be at least slightly prepared! The biggest thing to remember though is to pack economically, cruise ship cabins are not endowed with massive wardrobes or huge amounts of storage so three suitcases of high fashion are unlikely to fit anywhere! Keep that in mind and you will not go wrong.