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Brave the seas in a Pirate MMORPG

Many a child has dreamed of having their own pirate ship and of being able to take to the seas in search of fame, glory and, most importantly, treasure, just like the brave souls of which they have read about in books or seen in films. Now, perhaps, their dreams, and possibly yours too, can become a reality, albeit a virtual one, thanks to Bigpoint who have created some pirate-based MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing game).

These games allow the player to take up the mantle of pirate captain and challenges them to successful guide their ship through various hells and high waters, often populated with numerous giant sea monsters guarding hidden treasures, in search of bounty and glory. However, defeating giant octopuses may be the least of your worries as fellow adventurers try and beat you to your goals.


The massively multiplayer element of such games is one of their main draws, the appeal being in the chance to not only fight computerised opponents and monsters, which can eventually become rather predictable, but also to bring in player v player interactions and something of a social aspect too; instead of being a hunted man you could join a guild of other pirates and head out into the unknown with the confidence that your companions will never be far away.


Bigpoint's two main pirate MMORPGs, Pirate Storm and Sea Fight, offer all these features and more, including excellent graphics, particularly for an online browser game, much opportunity for social interaction and, crucially, a great deal of piratical fun! All those childhood dreams will be re-lived as you encounter your first treasure island or save your ship from sinking at the tentacles of some monster. Being a pirate has never been quite so much fun!